Top 3 Best Selling Camping Cots

We all know that it’s not easy to find the best camping cots suitable for the campers needs, comfort and ease. However if you are still looking for the best camping beds available on the market, well, you have come to the right place. Truth is, very few blogs will provide you with honest reviews and reliable feedback.

If you want to buy a very good camping cot, it can be a quite difficult task. The following products are some of  the best sleeping cots that I know of, that can create an extremely comfortable place to sleep. So, now that you know that you would like to have one of the best camping beds, it’s time for you to take a better look at what I consider the Top 3 Best Selling Camping Cots.

1. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot

If comfort is your no. 1 priority and everything else is just secondary after that, this might be the place you go to get a good night sleep. The cot is super huge, super comfortable, but it is not the type of cot you’re gonna be carrying around all over the place…this is a base camping, car camping model, it is very big (26 pounds), but supports a weight of 600 pounds. So if you not like sleeping on the ground or your not a big fan of sleeping bags on a tent floor and you need a little “something”, than this camping cot is just right for you.

camping cots 1The cot is more of a luxury, but it is a very nice addition if you have kids and want to be elevated. The Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent retails from $129.00 – $115.00 online and I think it’s an excellent price for what you are getting and for how easy it is to use. The Outfitter XXL Cot retails for $149.99, but you can find it around for less than that.

If you search this product on Amazon, which is one of the biggest places you can purchase this cot at, you can get the Teton Sports Outfitter XXL at just $117.73. If you look at all of the Teton Sports products it’s amazing to see how well they are reviewed on Amazon….very well reviewed…and the cot is no different, lots of 4 and 5 stars ratings and this cot is really popular among people who are in the big and tall category.

camping cots 2Do away with self-inflating mats and other uncomfortable camping beds, and enjoy a good night’s sleep time and again with the Outfitter XXL cot. Every bit as rugged as it is large, the 85-by-40-inch Outfitter offers a patented steel leg frame that supports up to 600 pounds, making it an ideal accessory for larger campers. Even better, setup and breakdown is quick and hassle-free so you needn’t spend several minutes fussing with the cot each evening (Teton included detailed setup instructions with photos, however, just in case). And to enjoy an even better evening on the lakeside, consider purchasing an Outfitter XXL foam pad (sold separately), which is designed to custom fit the Outfitter cot. Comfortable enough to function as a guest bed for visitors, the Outfitter XXL folds down to a 42-by-12-by-7-inch footprint and comes with a handy carrying bag.

  • Patented steel leg design
  • Oversized sleeping area that supports up to 600 lbs
  • Compatible with Outfitter XXL camp pad, Outfitter XXL Quick tent, gun sleeve, and organizer
  • Cot folds up to a compact 42″ x 12″ x 7″ for easy transport
  • One person setup and take down is quick and easy
  • Durable canvas fabric suspends your weight from the frame for a more comfortable night’s sleep
  • Channeled aluminum support bars at top and bottom add stability which means you don’t have to readjust every time you use the cot
  • Limited Lifetime Warrant

2. Coleman Queen Airbed Cot

This versatile camping bed allows you to sleep indoors or outdoors in elevated support with an airbed and cot, or separate the two for double the sleeping space. However you use it, the durable steel frame unfolds easily and a side table with cup holder keeps a drink and other personal items close. When the fun is done the included 4D battery pump also helps to quickly deflate the bed and the cot folds up inside a carry bag for compact transport and storage.

camping cots 3This cot model is known as Coleman Queen Sized Airbed. Most cots available on the market are designed for just one person. This queen size camping bed has broken that barrier. Camping beds for one person for example have never been more than 3 feet wide, and 6 and a half feet long. But this queen camping cot has broken that record.

The inflatable mattress makes up the airbed. However, the element at the bottom that lifts the camping bed makes it referred to as cot. This model is also considered to be a sleeping cot for heavy people. This is a double camping cot, thus two person can sleep comfortably on it.

  • Versatile design to sleep indoors or outdoors
  • Airbed and cot for elevated sleeping support
  • Cot and airbed separate for double the sleeping space
  • Durable steel frame supports up to 600 lbs.
  • Two side tables with cup holders keep drinks and other personal items
  • close on both sides
  • Included 4D battery pump inflates and deflates airbed (batteries sold separately)

This camping cot is a great value for your money. You can read a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, and don’t worry about shipping fees because if you purchase it from here, you get FREE shipping as well!

3. Jamboree Military Style Folding Cot

This folding camp cot is great for all types of outdoor and indoor use. The Jamboree Military Cot is great for campers, scouts, explorers, and even unexpected house guests. This superior military cot is also ideal as an emergency cot and is currently used by many shelters as folding beds.

camping cots 4This aluminum cot is folding, portable, strong, and very comfortable. This specially-crafted army cot is extra long, so there’s no more worrying about your feet hanging off the edge! At 77 inches long, by 25 inches wide, there is plenty room for sleeping. Due to a height of 17 inches you will avoid the hard, cold ground and will wake up feeling more rested. Sleep soundly with the unique, body-contouring fabric and includes free storage bag system and pillow.

These army cots are built tough, adhering to the precise military cot specifications set for outdoor cots and camp beds. These folding military cots utilize reinforced aircraft-quality aluminum and are constructed using heavy-duty polyester fabric. You can depend on this sleeping cots!

Military style cots are easy to set up and take down – in under 2 minutes-, these folding camp cots make camping a snap and are great for any outdoor use – perfect as an emergency cot, military cot, cabin cot, or even as a sleep cot for an unexpected guest at your home. After use, this portable cot folds up into an incredibly compact bag for easy storage until next time you will need it.

  • Expanded Size:   77″L x 25″W x 17″H / Folded Size: 37″L x 8″W x 5″H
  • Legs of  this camping cot are reinforced w/ stronger steel pipe inserts
  • Contour Form-Fitting Fabric

This Jamboree Military Cot produced by Earth Product is one of the best selling and top rated folding camp beds you can find on the market. These cots are beautiful and enticing. The amazing functionality of the product entices people to buy it. Considering the high ratings and reviews on Amazon, it look like other customers who have bought and used this cot model are very satisfied with their purchase. You can buy this cot here.

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Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Camping Cots

Do you want to go camping? Great choice for a holiday! When you go camping you get a chance to get in touch with nature, to experience and enjoy greatly the scenery and the wildlife that so many places in this world have to offer. Whether you travel in a camper van which has all the necessities available, a bed included, or you are going to sleep in a tent, you should always consider carrying with you one or more camping cots.

camp bedsWhy are camp beds so important when going camping? Well, even if a camping trip implies a little discomfort, as you are no longer at home with all the facilities it gives you, this does not mean you cannot or should not benefit from a good night’s sleep while on such trip. The idea behind taking a trip is to have fun and relax. That is why we consider that camping beds will never be an extra useless burden to put in your car when you go on a camping trip. On the contrary, camping beds will offer you the necessary comfort at night in the wilderness.

camp beds 1When buying camping cots, just like in purchasing any other goods, you should keep in mind a number of factors to help you deal with the problem adequately. Look for information regarding designs, materials, prices, etc., by visiting different stores or internet websites of stores and producers of camping equipment. Thus you will be able to test, find out, and compare designs and prices in order to buy the best camping cot to fit your needs and tastes. There are lots of websites which offer you the necessary information together with the online ordering possibilities.

camp beds 2The camping cots available are usually good and have a lot of advantages. They raise you off the ground level thus keeping you far from the morning moisture, not talking about stones and sticks on the ground. Another advantage of camp beds is that they are easy to put up and break down for storage, like the folding ones for example. Always ask a clerk to assemble the camping beds for you and test them and see how heavy they are, since you want a lightweight and user friendly cot. Be sure the camping beds that you want to buy have the right length and support for the entire body.

camp beds 3Also make sure they are stable and appropriate to suit the rough terrain you might encounter on your trips. Not of lesser importance is the durability of the material sleeping cots are made of. Since most camping bed are quite basic, you might want to look for some with a little padding on the sleeping surface. Consequently there are a lot of details you should consider when buying sleeping cots, whether they are traveling cots, folding cots, army cots and so on.

camp beds 4The Linon Lione Camouflage Folding Cot is simple and easy to use.

The bed sets up in mere seconds, while the plush mattress provide you with comfortable support for a restful night’s sleep.

The cot folds down in seconds into a small unit making it compact enough to store away in almost any closet. Use it as an extra bed, guest bed, kid’s bed or camping bed.

About Linon Home Decor Linon Home Decor Products has established a reputation in the market for providing the best trend-right products at the right price, while offering excellent quality, style and functional furnishings to every room in the home.

Linon offers a broad selection of furnishings for today’s discriminating and demanding retail environments. They offer outstanding values for every room; a total commitment of quality, service and value that is unsurpassed in their industry.

Fold-away bed stores easily. Included mattress features camouflage fabric. Casters for easy mobility. Sturdy metal tube frame with durable wire supports. Dimensions: 74.8L x 31.5W x 13.39H in. .

  • Camouflage fabric
  • Imported
  • Item includes the steel frame and mattress
  • Camouflage Fabric Mattress
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Sturdy metal tube frame with durable wire supports
  • Easy to store

If you want to find out more information about camping beds visit

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Camping Cots – Buy a Tent Cot Now!

For some people camping is about roughing but for some camping is a family experience and most of the time they want to be comfortable. If you are looking for comfort during your camping trip then camping cots should make a huge difference. If you have ever slept in a sleeping bag on the ground you probably know that there is almost no way to be fully comfortable. No matter how much you inspect the ground before installing your tent there will always be rock or ground deformation to make you uncomfortable. So having a sleeping cot is probably the best of things.

camp bedsToday, outdoor enthusiasts such as RV campers are seeking the comfort of tent cots because these can be used anywhere especially during urban camping. Some people even want them on their backyards. People who love to travel from county to county can just stuff their camp beds in their vehicles and can save money on hotels and because they are easy to setup and set down, the movement of the travelers can be faster. This makes tent cots to be the future tents of the outdoors. I will show you thress of the best camping cots I am sure you will be glad to have.

1. Kamp-Rite Tent Cot Original Size Tent Cot (Green)

tent cotsKamp-Rite is the leader in off-the-ground camping gears and with this original size tent cot, you will feel extremely comfortable and roomy when inside it. It can support up to 300 pound weight so if you are a heavy person you can still sleep on it comfortably. It also comes with a 3/8” foam pad for insulation for added comfort. It is durable because its whole base frame is made of powder coated light weight aluminum frame that will not corrode or rust even on extreme conditions. It comes with a heavy duty carrying case for easy transport. All of its windows and door openings have pre installed “No-See-Um” mesh screens so you can enjoy the night breeze without getting in contact with bugs and mosquitoes. The only minus side of this durable tent when hiking is its 65 pound weight so this is quite heavy to take by a single man. However, it is definitely recommended camping furniture if your intended campsite can be reached by vehicles. You will really stay warm and comfortable with it because it is really built to keep people that way.

2. Kamp-Rite Compact Collapsable Tent Cot

tent cots 1This versatile and compact collapsible tent cot can be very much roomy for a single person but can also accommodate two persons. Although it has a larger size by ordinary standard, it only weighs 25 pounds so it can be carried along with your backpack. Because it is lightweight, this can be used on the ground for overnight backpacking travels. Its tent portion is made of 210 denier polyurethane coated nylon and has a removable upper portion cot base. Its metal is made of high strength steel and the cots fabric is made from durable 600 denier nylon that can also support 300 pound weight. You can easily set it up in less than 3 minutes so you won’t have any problem folding and transporting it. You will be surprised with its extra headroom and the way how its half dome shape is made just to give you more freedom while inside it. If you have kids along when camping, two kids can comfortably sleep on it and without worry about insect bites. Getting wet when it rains is also not a problem because this comes with a rainfly and a carry bag.

3. Kamp-Rite Insect Protection System

tent cots 2This is specifically designed to keep the bugs out while it allows the campers to have their comfortable sleep during the night. It has a waterproof rainly that can keep the tent dry every time and although it is not as raised as the tent cot, its design will allow you to set up the tent directly from the ground with a military camp tent cot style. This folding cot is just perfect for disaster relief situations where insects are carrying diseases. It has a dimension of 84 inches long and 30 inches wide so it is very convenient for the serious backpacker and simple enough for the casual vehicle camper. The no-see-um tent will let you take in more ventilation while seeing the stars during the night. When the rain comes, you will be protected with a waterproof, seam sealed rainfly that you can attach in seconds. Campers love this compact system because of its versatility and easy to carry style.

So, before your next camping trip buy a camping cot because this useful camping equipment will ensure a comfortable and warm outdoor sleeping experience.

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Camping Cots For A Pleasant Camping Sleep

There is no doubt about it, camping is a great way to take a vacation, but sleeping on the rocks, weeds and sticks can get a bit old. The camping industry sells many varieties of camping cots, which can make any camping trip much more enjoyable. Let’s find out the benefits of a great camping cot.

camp beds 2There are a lot of advantages to having a camping bed. The most beneficial is that it gets you off the ground and adds some comfort. It is very important to have something between you and the ground when you are sleeping. Not only for dirt and bugs, but mainly for the temperature. When you are sleeping your temperature will drop and so does the cool night air. It is vital to have something between you and the ground when camping. Now, if you are seeking warmth, then a blanket or a pad is the best thing to have between you and the ground. Believe it or not, you body actually warms the pad and blanket up and helps keep you warm at night. However, if you are not camping in freezing temperatures then a cot will do.

camp bedsThese days camp beds are sturdy, lightweight, affordable and durable with several options capable of holding in excess of 300 pounds. They are not like the cots of the old days where they were extremely bulky and many times heavy. Nowadays with camping technology you can pack a cot that weights only 8 lbs and take it anywhere.

You won’t need to repair or replace the sleeping cot like the old air mattress. They are also handy to have around for a large group of house guests and kids sleepovers. The kids like to pretend they are camping. Did I mention these are quite comfortable to sleep on as well? The fabric cradles your body. The only thing that could be improved upon is if we could figure out how to make them so they rock you to sleep.

camp beds 1There are so many benefits of camping and most involve how simple it is. You need just basic necessities to make the trip successful. No one packs the television, laptop, microwave, and most should learn to leave their cell phones at home! The one element of camping that you really do need to make it enjoyable is a comfortable place to sleep. This used to be the big challenge for campers. Sleeping bags on the hard ground, trying to find a level spot with no rocks or tree roots poking in you side. This test of our patience and tolerance has been put to rest with some wonderful options in sleeping comfort for campers. The one that stands out in my camping experience is the folding camping cot.

camp beds 3Previously we used to drag out the inflatable mattress. As we spent out time jumping up and down on the foot pump we would hold our breath in anticipation. Would there be a new hole? Would the patch job from last season still be intact or did the glue dry up and the patch fall off? Now with the camping cots, set up is a breeze. They are lightweight, compact to transport and most come with travel bags as well. This is quite unlike the air mattress you can rest in peace on your own rather than bouncing around every time the person next to you rolls over.

camp beds 4The Outsunny tent cot is the ultimate individual camping experience.

It has a cot with an attached tent that wraps around and attaches to the bottom. The cot is perfect for one person to sleep comfortably through the night. This cot comes with its own air mattress, sleeping bag and pillow to make sure you sleep soundly. The air mattress comes with a foot pump so you can fill it without having to use a loud electric air pump.

The Outsunny tent cot is the perfect camping tool for an individual who wants to sleep great and enjoy the outdoors.

This tent cot is so comfortable you will want to use it indoors too!

– Easy to set up and take down
– Large zippered door for entry and exit
– Can be detached to form separate tent and cot
– Comes with storage bag to hold tent
– Made of durable, high quality materials

– Overall: 76″L x 34″W x 63″H
– Tent: 74 1/2″L x 31 3/4″W x 41″H
– Cot: 76″L x 34″W x 16 3/4″H
– Air Mattress: 70″L x 29 1/2″W x 6 1/2″H
– Sleeping Bag: 70″L x 26 1/2″W x 3/4″H
– Pillow: 17″L x 11″W x 2 3/4″H
– Foot pump: 8 3/4″ x 6 1/4″
– Net weight: 26.2 lbs

Includes: Tent, cot, air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, foot pump, carrying bag.

So, for your next vacation consider buying camping beds and you will certainly get great nights sleep while camping.

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